Food menu


    • Starters

    • Canapes with beef tartar and rucola salad

      175 Kč
    • Prague ham with minced horseradish on a bed of celery with nuts and bread with coarse salt

      162 Kč
    • Green asparagus with bacon and herb dip

      154 Kč
    • Shrimp cocktail with avocado and yogurt dip from dill

      162 Kč
    • Soups

    • Traditional cabbage soup with homemade sausage and potatoes

      95 Kč
    • Daily soup

      95 Kč
    • Salads

    • Mixed leaf salad with goat cheese, honey, nuts and roasted beetroot

      260 Kč
    • Lentil salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion and feta cheese

      240 Kč
    • Main Dishes

    • Roasted chicken breast with bone, with vegetable salad, roasted potato and bacon

      386 Kč
    • Lamb shank marinated in red wine and herbs with root vegetables and rosemary potato

      440 Kč
    • Pink roasted pluma with grilled vegetables and oyster mushroom

      388 Kč
    • Beef steak from the daily offer served with vegetable salad and roasted potatoes

      550 Kč
    • Roasted duck leg with red cabbage, macerated pear and herbal dumpling

      375 Kč
    • Steamed broccoli with hazelnut crust with sheep cheese sauce

      310 Kč
    • Desserts

    • Potato dumplings with hot butter, ground poppy seeds and sugar

    • Homemade scrambled pancake with apples, cinnamon sauce and pickled sour cherries

    • Pear cake

    • Selection of cheeses with pickled fruit and nuts


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